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Susan R. BrownSusan R. Brown

The staff is very welcoming and you know that they care about your pet.

Pam DuskaPam Duska

My Maggie has been going to Dr. Chuck for many, many years. He and his staff members have always given the best treatment liberally dosed with kindness, caring, and compassion. Thank you all!

Jennifer WagnerJennifer Wagner

Crystal Mountain and Dr. Vandermause are the absolute best animal hospital around. The care and concern shown are excellent! When a doctor devotes over 40 years of his life to care for our pets, that shows his commitment and compassion to our fur babies!

Dene' Binnie-BallantineDene' Binnie-Ballantine

I highly esteem Dr Chuck and his holistic approach and commitment to his practice. There is no one with the same approach that I know of in the area, and I have taken every pet I had to him. My high opinion of him and his practice has only grown with the years. If you have a pet, this IS where you want to go!!

Jennifer BerryJennifer Berry

Dr. V is experienced, thorough, and treats each patient with care!

Kimberley NotKim Sommerlatte BoothKimberley NotKim Sommerlatte Booth

We were heartbroken to have to put one of our precious dogs to sleep at an after hours at an emergency vet hospital. She bit me as we were trying to separate her from our little dog and because I went to urgent care to check the small injury on my finger, they called Animal Control - and they wanted to take my sweet girl’s body away for testing.

I refused to cooperate with them, because we want to bury her. Sherry is amazing! She fought for our family and provided Animal Control with proof of current vaccinations and the issue was dropped!

Dr Vandermause, Sherry, Trish and the entire team are caring, friendly and go above and beyond for our pets!

I thank God for Sherry. The traumatic heartbreaking decision to put our sweet girl to sleep was bad enough - but Animal Control trying to bully me into taking my own dog’s brain was horrifying. Sherry saved us from more ridiculous and unnecessary pain as a family, and we are truly grateful.

Victoria B.Victoria B.

A very wise veterinarian that made me look at the truth.

I brought in my newly adopted stray kitty who was very sick.
I brought him in for a second...

Johnny FosterJohnny Foster

Crystal Mountain loved Ginger from a puppy to her passing - over 10 years. The level of caring, the level of skill and expertise, from my friend, Dr Vandermause, always went over and beyond. This, and the caring professionalism of the staff inspires trust and comfort when you put your much-loved four-legged family member in Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital's hands.

Heather KeatingHeather Keating

Dr. Vandermause has been taking excellent care of our animals for over 20 years. He is an amazing, caring, intelligent and compassionate veterinarian! We completely trust having our animals in his care.

Elena SanchezElena Sanchez

They treat you like family and Dr. Vandermause is very caring and thorough in his examinations. I'm very happy I came here. Well worth the 5 hour drive.

Alex PappagelisAlex Pappagelis

My experience with this clinic was outstanding. The staff was excellent and worked very hard to make sure my dog was back to his healthy self. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for an ethical and kindhearted Veterinarian.

Kiki H.Kiki H.

First time coming here. Just moved from Georgia and my cat had signs of a urinary tract infection. I called and got in right away. The staff is super...

Jan MostellerJan Mosteller

Dr Chuck and his staff-family treat every loved one TRULY as if it was one of their own. I have been a pet-parent with CMAH for over two years and would never go anywhere else. My Maggie, Elvis and Ginger were not treated, they were cared for. There's a difference. � Please treat yourself to the best veterinary practice ever.

Donna LipmanDonna Lipman

Dr. Chuck Vandermause, a long time and treasured friend and veterinarian extraordinaire, helped me take Tilley to the Rainbow Bridge today. No better man for the job! Thank you, dear friend.

Beth BerryBeth Berry

Crystal Mountain has a wonderful team. They are incredibly kind and compassionate towards humans as well as their loving animals. It's clear that they all have a real passion for the work that they do and the animals they care for. ❤️

Scott CollardScott Collard

Chuck is a great guy and really cares about the animals. Very knowledge and kind.

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