Quick and friendly service at the end of the day for our injured Ranger.
Terry W.
Wonderful staff and Veterinary care at Crystal Mountain!
Terri Mc.
Friendliness, professionalism, expediency, knowledge. And many more reasons!
Because you guys are awesome and you genuinely care.
Morgan E.
The whole crew at Crystal Mountain has always shown that they care about us and our dogs. We have had a lot of injuries and illnesses over the last 12 years and they have been awesome in getting our dogs healthy again.
Janelle B.
Sincere attention to my boys. Very thorough and detailed concern.
Berry C.
Great experience! Such a wonderful place and people with deeply love for animals and their job. Very happy with the service :)
Marisleidy O.
Kind, gentle and attentive staff and doctor.
Andrea K.
The level of care and knowledge shown by the Vet and his staff.
Elena S.
The Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital was extremely welcoming and accommodating. There was an instant family feel to it. They were also flexible for payment options. Loved it!
Adrienne F.
Very friendly and welcoming staff.
Dr Vandermaus and his staff have always taken excellent care with our pets and made us feel like one of the family. I love that there are often holistic options available as well.
Jill M.
competent, caring people.
J. W.
The friendliness of the staff.
James S.
Caring and thorough.
Great service, doctor, and staff!
Bob P.
Great service.
Suzanne S.
Good people. Good service.
Joan C.
Great vet care; they know my name & my dogs name when we walk in.
Carmen H.
I got info & answers & liked the staff and Dr.
Karen S.
The outstanding care and excellent veterinary knowledge of our dog.
Kay A.
You’ve taken very good care of our dogs, giving us great professional care without pressuring us with a lot of supplements and extra procedures that other vets sometimes tried to sell to us to boost their revenue.
Jonathan K.
Dr. Vandermause, Ronnie, Sherrie, and the staff are the most important reason(s).
Jen H.
The staff and the doctor were very friendly and welcoming.
Genuinely friendly and helpful staff. Everyone really cared about what was going on with my dog. Lots of good advice. Didn’t push any unnecessary meds or treatments. Everything was fantastic.
Personal and professional attention to my pets. The doctor and everyone at CM is willing to communicate with you. Most important they know what they are doing. NOT so with the previous bunch down the street.
Berry C.
Extremely high quality of care and concern for the well being of our dogs and cats.
Heather K.
Doctor V was so thorough.
Renee' M.
They take very good care of your animal, they are really pleasant also, there is no other vet this good.
Mrs. Martin for Zoi and Pebbles.
We feel very supported and cared for here.
Karen G.
The staff is friendly and the doctor answers all your concerns.
Angie C.
Compassion and understanding of my concerns for my pups healthcare. The whole staff including Dr. V is patient and listens to me.
Caring team.
Janet G.
More natural and homeopathic view of veterinary care.
Confidence in the Vet and wonderful staff.
The kindness, care, and attention from everyone in the clinic is excellent!
Kathryn H.
The quality of care and passion for our pets as well kindness to the family.
Kay A.
The staff is always kind and helpful.
Pefection! From the moment Murphy and I walked in for the first time, the professionalism and friendly greeting made me feel very comfortable. Somehow I knew I had made the right choice to bring Murphy to see Dr. Vandermause.
Kathy W.
Knowledge, professionalism, and personal attention. You feel welcome the moment you open the door!
Shirley P.
Service and care.
Have been happy with your service for 18 years and love how much each one at the vet actually loves animals…and are so sweet with mine!
Jill M.
Your staff and excellence of care.
Beverly G.
Caring people.
Tiva R.
I trust them and they truly love our dogs.
Brittany M.
Our trust in you.
Katharina B.
The staff genuinely cares and attends to the wellness of my cat.
Phoebe M.
I felt like my dog was given great care and the Vet seemed very knowledgeable! The staff was more than awesome!
Carla P.
I appreciate your reminder. Shadow and Oscar also appreciated the gentle treatment they received during the visit. Much better than the Aggie strong arm effort. They are much more effective when they concentrate on horses, cattle and an occasional donkey. See you next trip or maybe I will stop in one day and have a cup of coffee.
Ted M.
Your loving attitude toward Cooper and your patience.
Linda C.
Amazing and easy service! Fit us in right away!
The friendly staff! They call to confirm your appointment and answer all your questions!!
Steve R.
Professional and personal staff and care.
Knowledgeable and caring staff!
Friendly staff.
Love the caring atmosphere of Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital. It is the one veterinarian office our dog jumps out of the car and marches in gleefully!
Beverly G.
Dr. Vandermause listens to my concerns.
Wendy H.
I know that my companions are getting the best care possible.
Lynn J.
We love everyone at Crystal Mountain! Great medical care. Dr. Vandenmouse and his staff are very kind and knowledgeable about the pet’s physical and emotional health. Boarding space is limited which is nice for pets that may be overwhelmed in large facilities. Communication excellent, very professional front office. Highly recommend!
The entire staff is caring, open minded, and very communicative.
Dr. Jeff K.
Caring attitude.
Even though I just visited for a $1 wellness check… I loved the treatment I received. We were in and out… I didn’t feel like I was being juggled between multiple patients. I felt very good about what we talked about in regards to Cleo. I treat my animals very naturally (minimal vaccine and chemical exposure, raw fed) and I felt comfortable discussing this with the vet.
Mackenzie B.
Friendly competence.
The kindness and gentleness with Stash.
The kind and caring staff plus excellent, quality care.
Kay A.
I have a lot of confidence in Dr. Vandermause. His staff treat you great, which doesn’t hurt either.
Carrie S.
The wonderful staff and care they provide.
Warm friendly knowledgeable staff!
Very professional and caring doctor and staff.
Cheryl C.
Love this practice and so does my dog. It’s calm and loving. Dr. Vandemause is wonderful as the entire staff.
Beverly G.
Katharine B.
Everyone acts like they care as much about my dog as I do.
Attention to detail by the entire staff! (although this email was address to Stephanie?) Concern for my pet by the entire staff. Not trying to up sell (reason for leaving last clinic).
Deborah H.
Loving caring wonderful people who really seem to value the care and comfort for our babies as much as they would for family. You couldn’t ask for more and I am blessed to have found them.
Jan M.
Very caring and knowledgeable practice. Taking great care of my older pets.
Dr Vandermause and his staff are kind and knowledgeable . I can’t imagine taking my dogs anywhere else.
Terry M.
Great doctor great staff.
Good quality care.
Friendly service, always available, and good care for our dog.
Bruce D.
We want to thank Dr. Vandermause and his staff for the 20 plus years of excellent care they have given our pets. They all lived a long, quality filled life. We expect Poppi, Cleopatra, and Caesar to do the same.
Judith S.
You have all been great to Peabo and Payton over the last 10 years! Easy to get an appointment and everyone is so patient and sweet to our 4 legged family members!
Janelle B.
Immediate care and diagnosis with future care plan.
Steffan S.
Caring and competent.
We have always been treated well, and with respect.
Minka C.
Jack My Dog needs the best.
Feel horrible that I forgot your name, but to the woman who stayed open late this past Saturday to help me and my niece track down the owner of a lost beagle, THANK YOU! You really did not have to do so much for us. But you did. “Sheila” was very happy when we pulled up to her owner’s house. And I cannot tell you how much it meant to me and my niece that you went above and beyond for total strangers. I will certainly refer people in need of a vet to your clinic.
Kimberly W.
Easy to get in. Great staff. Doctor spent quality time with us and checked Karma thoroughly.
Ellen R.
Dr. Vandermause’s knowledge and skills plus his patience and kindness.
I feel that I can easily speak with the staff and get honest, no nonsense answers. In addition, these folks really seem to care about our pets. They are friendly and personable and professional. This Vet practice is not a revolving door, large and noisy practice. It is calm and personal!
Ersilia A.
I like you all and I think you care a lot about Nelson and Waylon.
Sandra S.
I have had a long history with Crystal Mountain. The whole staff has taken very good care of all of my pets. Everyone provides excellent care and helpful advice.
Mj W.
Excellent care for many years.
Kind, caring and I was able to bring my rescue in same day. Also free exam for my dog.
holistic options and friendly caring staff
Excellent care, great staff, no overuse of vaccines
Janet S.
Hello wonderful people at Crystal Mountain Vet, I wanted to send a message to Dr. Vandermause to let him know that my dog Chai has recovered from the bumps and her hair has grown back. Thank you for always knowing what to give her to for her skin issues. You guys are the BEST!!!! Thanks again
Lynne D.
The complete love and compassion they all give to everyone coming through the door. Everything is fully explained, contact is made if there are questions about treatment, and every time, you receive a follow up call.
Caring staff
Provides genuine excellent care for my two cats.
I always feel like my “pet family” are getting the very best care possible! I love being able to get holistic care- I can feed raw food without getting any attitude – reduced vaccinations, etc., etc. – that is why I drive from Elgin!
Lynn J.
Personal care and interest in the overall health and well being of Harvey.
Dr. Vandermause and his staff are caring and friendly. Their love for animals is very obvious.
Dr. Vandermause is competent and truly cares about the animals well being.
Such wonderful people , expertise and service at Crystal Mountain Animal hospital !
Terri M.
Dr. Vandermause is the best, most caring and friendly vet in town! Everybody seems to care for the well being of our animals. We love y’all!
Heather K.
Dr. Vandermause, Ronnie, Sheri and Trish and staff, Appreciative for their healing care throughout the years.
Aurora Z.
Here’s what I really like about your practice: The waiting area is not jammed with pets
Roxanna S.
The staff at Crystal Mountain are truly exceptional. They are kind and loving and treat my furry babies like family. Dr. Vandermause brings 30 plus years of experience and knowledge to treating my animals and does so with such ease and perfection. He is brilliant! In addition, he is open to alternative medicine as well and will give you options to treat your pet holistically if you so choose. He brings his vast knowledge and experience and incorporates the newest technology and alternative medicine all in one. A complete package.
Samantha P.
Caring and competent.