Our Veterinarians

Dr. Vandermause
Practice Owner, Veterinarian
Dr. Vandermause grew up in the rural farmlands of Wisconsin, where animal care was a part of life from day one. He spent many hours working hands-on with dairy cows, and was particularly inspired when the local veterinarian would visit and tend to a sick or pregnant animal. It was right there on the farm, at only 12 years of age, that Dr. Vandermause made a decision: he wanted to dedicate his life to animal medicine by becoming a licensed veterinarian!

Dr. Vandermause attended Wisconsin State University-River Falls to complete his prerequisite courses before gaining acceptance into the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduating with his Doctorate, he relocated to Los Angeles, California to jumpstart his veterinary career. Dr. Vandermause would own and operate a multi-doctor practice in suburban Los Angeles for the next 25 years!

When it came time to start a family, Dr. Vandermause decided to search for a less hectic city in which to raise his children. He moved to Austin in 1996, and fell in love with the green rolling hills west of the city. Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital was for sale at the time, and Dr. Vandermause jumped at his chance—he’s been serving the pets and animal parents of this area ever since!

Dr. Vandermause and his wife have two sons—Matthew is currently in medical school and plans on becoming an emergency-room doctor, and Jeremy works as an actor—as well as a beautiful granddaughter, Lily. They also share their home with two loveable rescue cats, Domino and Stella.

When he isn’t caring for the area’s pets here at the hospital or spending quality time with his family, Dr. Vandermause likes gardening, boating, and golfing. He’s also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys snow-skiing, camping, river-rafting, and hiking whenever he gets the chance. Dr. Vandermause has even climbed to the highest point in the contiguous United States—Sequoia National Forest’s 14,447-foot Mount Whitney!