Care to Share Program

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Care to Share

Refer a friend or family member today!

Share the love and you receive
a $25 credit towards any visit and your friend/family member you refer receives a $19 New Client Exam… PLUS a big dose of love from all of us too!

Here at Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital our daily passion is to exceed your expectations!

We’re one big family, and fantastic clients like you make doing what we love even better!

We’re aware that many of you already recommend us to friends and family, and to show our appreciation we’ve created a special Care to Share program that is FUN for both you and the pet parent you refer!

Here’s how it works: grab some Care to Share cards and pop your signature on the back…then hand your cards out to any pet parent you feel would be a fit… if they love their furry little fellas like crazy…they’ll fit in purrfectly around here!

And then… when your friend or family member becomes a new client, you will receive a $25 CARE TO SHARE credit towards anything at all – food, treats, toys …even your next visit and your friend/family member receives a $19 New Client Exam! Know lots of pet parents? Your special pet account sure could stack up!

Let’s do it...together we can build an amazing group of pet parents with you at the center!

Have fun & start

Anyone you ‘re-fur’ receives a $19 New Client Exam (and will love you for it)… and as a THANK YOU from us, you’ll receive a $25 credit!