If there is one thing we can say about our feline pals, it’s that they all have unique personalities. Some are loving and cuddly. Others can be, well, a bit cantankerous. Read on as a local Bee Cave, TX vet discusses … you guessed it … grumpy cats.

Pet Peeves

Kitties are all unique, but many of them do share some common likes and dislikes. You probably know many of the likes, such as catnip, tuna, and boxes. Fluffy is decidedly less fond of baths, loud noises, car rides, and being (literally) rubbed the wrong way. Our feline companions also get a bit cantankerous when we are late with their dinner, move them without permission, or interrupt any of their 37 daily naps.

Fluffy’s Moods

It’s worth noting that kitties have the ability to change their moods rapidly, without warning, and with little or no reason. Fluffy may be enjoying ear scritches one minute, only to start biting you the next. This can be a bit purrplexing. After all, cats are probably the only animals that bite us for fun. However, if your furry pal is just biting gently, she’s probably just playing or showing affection. Never try to pet or hold a cat that isn’t in the mood. That’s how you get scratched!


Some of our feline friends are quite the little chatterboxes. If your pet is vocal, she may very well meow back when you talk to her. Some kitties even like to yell! Talking to Fluffy can be a pretty amusing—not to mention adorable—way to (sort of) communicate with her. You may not know what she’s trying to say, but she will know you’re paying attention to her!

Changes In Demeanor

While some kitties are just naturally curmudgeons, if your feline buddy morphs from a sweet, friendly furball to a furry ball of rage, there may be something going on with her. In some cases, the reason may be obvious. For instance, if you just added another cat to your home, Fluffy may be less than thrilled with her new roommate. However, if you aren’t sure what’s going on, have your kitty examined by a vet. Just like people, cats sometimes get grumpy if they aren’t feeling well.

Please reach out to us, your local Bee Cave, TX vet clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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