Walk Your Dog Week

There are going to be a lot of happy dogs out there today: Walk Your Dog Week starts today, October 1st! Of course, for many of you, every week is Walk Your Dog Week. However, this time of year is a great time to go for a stroll with your furry best friend, as the temperatures are finally cooling off a bit. Read on as a local Bee Cave, TX vet offers some advice on walking your canine buddy.


Get gear that is sturdy and fits your canine companion properly. Some dogs, such as toy breeds and brachycephalic dogs, should have harnesses instead of collars. Of course, you can also have a little fun when shopping for your four-legged pal. Get your ‘princess’ pup a pink, sparkly collar, or get your bulldog a cute spiked leash!


Putting some time into training Fido will make walking both safer and more enjoyable for both of you. All dogs should know how to heel, and should sit or stay on command.

Stop Pulling

Does your canine pal sometimes jerk you along when he lunges after a squirrel? Whenever your dog does this, immediately stop and change direction. Sooner or later, Fido will realize that pulling isn’t going to get him any closer to that squirrel.


We always advise erring on the side of caution. Make sure Fido is microchipped and wearing proper ID tags. Better safe than sorry!


Dogs love checking out new places and sniffing new patches of grass. Take Fido somewhere new, like a dog park, pet-safe beach, or a new trail. This will be good for both of you!


Always put your pet’s safety first. If you are walking on the side of a road, keep your pooch to the outside. He’ll be harder for drivers to spot, especially around corners. If you take Fido out after dark, bring a cell phone and a flashlight with you, and avoid any areas that may be unsafe.


Designate a specific jacket, purse, or fanny pack to walking Fido. Keep waste baggies, spare keys, a phone charger, flashlight, and anything else you may need inside it. That way, you only have to grab one thing on your way out the door!

Please call us, your local Bee Cave, TX vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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