Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

Cats are very independent little furballs. Fluffy will carefully clean herself every day, and she will discretely use a litterbox to do her business. Your feline pal can also stay home by herself while you go to work, or even go away overnight. However, you will need to take some steps to keep your kitty happy, healthy, and safe while you are out. Read on as a Bee Cave, TX vet offers some tips on leaving your furball home by herself.


First things first: make sure your kitty has fresh water, a clean litterbox, and plenty of food. You’ll also want to leave your climate control on, so she doesn’t get too hot or too cold.


Your feline buddy will probably spend a good chunk of the day napping. However, cats can’t sleep all the time. Make sure your furball has lots of toys to play with. Change these out regularly, to keep things fun and fresh for your kitty.


Small touches will help make your feline friend’s alone time a bit easier on her. Leave a light on if you’ll be out after dark. That way, Fluffy won’t be left sitting alone in a dark house. You may also want to leave a TV or radio playing for background noise. The sound of music and voices will help soothe your furry buddy, and keep her from feeling lonely. Beds, kitty furniture, and a good window view will also help keep your cute pet content.


Cats are notorious for getting into trouble. Make your home safe for your frisky pet by removing or securing potential dangers, such as toxic plants, medicine, chemicals, small or sharp objects, and plastic bags or ties. You’ll also want to make sure your doors and screens close securely.


Cats are very emotional little furballs. Many kitties get depressed and lonely if they are left alone too long. That sort of stress can quickly take a toll on your pet physically. If you’re going to be gone any longer than that, you may want to have someone stop by and check on your kitty. Or consider boarding her. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy your trip, knowing your furry pal is safe and sound!

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