It’s Dogust – The Official Shelter Dog Birthday!

Did you adopt your pup from a shelter? If so, that’s great. We love seeing dogs get second chances. Most people don’t know the exact dates of their pet’s birthdays, especially if they were shelter dogs. That’s why Dogust has been declared the universal shelter dog birthday! Read on as a Bee Cave, TX vet lists some great ways to spoil your pup on this dog-tastic day.


If there’s one thing that our canine pals are all enthusiastic about, it’s treats. Get your pet’s tail going by making him a pupcake. There are quite a few recipes for doggy birthday cakes online. Just be sure to only use ingredients that are safe for dogs. You can also offer your furry best friend another type of snack, such as doggy ice cream or some cooked, plain meat, fish, or poultry! Don’t forget to take a picture!


One of Fido’ cutest traits is the fact that he is so playful. Pick up a new toy for your canine companion! Classic dog toys are fine, but you can also try something more modern, like a mechanical ball launcher or an automated laser pointer.


Our furry pals love going to new places. Take Fido on a fun excursion to a doggy park, and let him run and play with his buddies. You can also explore a new pet-safe trail with your four-legged friend. If your pooch likes swimming, you can also take him to a pet-friendly swimming hole, so he can splash around.

Doctor’s Visit

We know, Fido would probably insist that scheduling a veterinary appointment is not the best way to celebrate his doggy birthday. However, your pet will be much healthier with proper care!

New Digs

Dogs are great at reminding us that sometimes the simple comforts really are best. Doggy beds are, of course, definitely one of life’s small pleasures. Get Fido a comfy new one!

Yard Pupgrade

Make Fido’s outdoor time more fun for him by getting him a kiddie pool or sandbox to play in. For extra tail wags, get him his own doghouse!


Many dogs enjoy massages just as much as people do. Treat your loyal pet to a soothing massage. This is great for senior pups!

Please contact us, your Bee Cave, TX veterinary clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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