Clipping Fido’s Nails

Can you hear your dog’s toes clicking on the floor when he walks across the kitchen? If so, your furry buddy is probably due for a pawdicure! Read on as a Bee Cave, TX veterinarian discusses cutting Fido’s nails.

Why Long Nails Are Problematic

Overgrown nails may not seem like a big problem, but they actually can be quite harmful. For one thing, they can easily snag and tear. This can lead to painful infections. They’re also just uncomfortable. Fido may walk differently to compensate. This puts additional stress on his bones and joints. Over time, it can contribute to or aggravate bone/joint issues, like arthritis.


If you plan to cut Fido’s nails yourself, you’ll need good clippers. You may want to invest in a set that is equipped with sensors. These take the guesswork out of the process, as they indicate exactly where to cut. However, you can still use regular clippers, if you like. With regular clippers, start by making thin cuts. Inspect the trimmings carefully. When you start to see an oval appear, stop. You may also want to ask your vet to demonstrate proper techniques. Keep in mind that you don’t have to do all four paws at once. Just do one furry foot a day, and keep rotating.


You may have heard that if you cut a dog’s nails too short, you’ll cut the quick. This is where Fido’s nerves and blood vessels end. We recommend keeping styptic powder on hand, just in case that happens. You don’t want your furry pal to get an infection!


Many dogs don’t like having their paws handled. If your canine friend is one of them, you may want to do a bit of desensitization training. Start by teaching your furry buddy that he’ll get a yummy treat, like bacon or cheese, when he does a cute paw trick, like Shake or Gimme Five. This should help make your dog more comfortable having his furry feet handled. Once your pup has figured out that paw handling time means treats, start incorporating the clippers. At first, just run them over his toes, and then immediately reward him. Keep doing this even after your dog has become more accepting of having his paws handled.

Do you need to set up an appointment for a nail clipping? Contact us, your Bee Cave, TX vet clinic, today!

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