Helping Your Cats Get Along

Do you have more than one kitty? Some cats form very strong bonds with their feline roommates. Others? Not so much. Read on as a local Bee Cave, TX vet offers tips on helping Fluffy and Mittens become friends.

First Impressions

When introducing your kitties, take steps to ensure that things go smoothly. First impressions are very important to Fluffy! Plus, many cats don’t like major changes, and won’t exactly be thrilled to suddenly find another furball in their kingdom. Keep your pets separated at first, and let them get to know each other slowly.

Equal Attention

Kitties are adorable, so it’s no wonder that they are so good at melting our hearts. However, showering attention on your new pet while ignoring your resident cat is a surefire way to cause resentment. Pay lots of attention to your original furball, and make sure she doesn’t feel left out or ignored.

Provide Lots of Resources

Cats can share some things, but they should never have to compete for resources. Set out separate dishes and litterboxes. You’ll also want to provide plenty of toys, so your feline pals don’t have to bicker over who gets to use the fuzzy catnip mouse. When buying cat furniture, get pieces that can fit both of your furballs at once.

Pawsitive Reinforcement

It’s very important for your cats to form positive associations with one another. If Fluffy realizes that she gets toys and treats whenever Mittens is around, she’ll probably become more accepting of her new roommate. Play with your kitties together, and offer them snacks and fun toys together.

Keep Making Progress

Don’t be surprised if your kitties get into a few tizzies. This should steadily diminish over time. However, don’t punish your pets for fighting. First, break them up. Making a loud noise—such as clapping your hands—should do the trick. Then, separate your furry buddies for a while.

Give It Time

Kitties don’t necessarily adjust to changes quickly. Some cats bond almost immediately. With others, it can take over a year for them to just tolerate one another. Just give your feline pals time to get used to one another. In most cases, even if your furballs don’t become bffs, they’ll eventually accept each other’s presence.

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