Making Your Pet Feel Loved

Did you know that there’s a special pet holiday coming up? February 20 is Love Your Pet Day! Of course, our animal friends deserve to feel loved and safe every day, but that’s another topic. Read on for some great advice from a Westlake Hills, TX vet on making your pet feel loved.


Good pet care starts with simple TLC. Offer your pet a good, high-quality food, fresh water, a comfy bed, and, of course, proper veterinary care. Kitties also need clean litterboxes and some cat furniture, while dogs need baths, daily walks, and obedience training. All pets are different, so ask your vet for specific advice on your pet’s care regimen.

Small Comforts

In addition to the things listed above, it’s important to offer your pet small comforts. Treats are a great way to score purrs and tail wags. Fluffy will also appreciate kitty furniture, a scratching post, and a good window view. Fido will love a doghouse and/or a fenced yard, but these things aren’t entirely necessary. You can also give your canine buddy active and happy by taking him to parks or trails regularly. Toys are also important, for both dogs and cats. If you leave your four-legged friend home alone, turn a TV or radio on for soothing background noise.


While it’s important to keep your pet’s toy box full, it’s equally crucial to take time to play with them. Interactive play sessions are much more fun and challenging for Fluffy and Fido than solitary play. Plus, this is a great way for you to bond with your pet! When you take time to hold a wand toy or throw a ball, your furry buddy will know you’re doing something for them.

Positive Interactions

One common mistake many pet owners make is punishing their animal companions for misbehaving. Fluffy and Fido generally act according to instinct, and don’t necessarily understand that they’ve done something wrong. Focus on rewarding positive behavior instead.

Quality Time

Pets form truly special bonds with their humans. However, that friendship has to be nurtured. The more love and attention you give your furry pal, the happier—and more interactive—they will become. Make it a habit to spend time with your pet every day.

Please contact us, your Westlake Hills, TX vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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