6 Things That Confuse Cats

Did you know that January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day? Does your kitty sometimes meow at you as though she was asking you about something? Cats are very curious by nature, and like to poke their cute little noses into, well, pretty much everything. Read on as a Bee Cave, TX vet lists some things your furball wants to know about.


Cats don’t actually have nine lives, but we suspect that they never got that memo. Fluffy can be quite fearless at times! Whether she’s playing with something that shouldn’t be a toy, jumping on top of something that may not hold her weight, or trying to get outside, your pet may be a bit too bold for her own good. Keep your frisky feline safe and sound indoors! We also recommend doing some petproofing.


Kitties can get very, very attached to their owners… in fact, some of our feline buddies don’t like to let their humans out of their sight. This can become awkward when Fluffy follows you into the bathroom.


Reading with a kitty in your lap sounds very cozy, and it certainly can be… as long as Fluffy isn’t nudging your book with her head, batting at it, or trying to sleep on it.


Although most of our feline patients aren’t exactly thrilled about visiting us, there is no doubt that proper veterinary care benefits them. After all, healthy cats are happy cats! Fluffy, however, only knows that she has to deal with being put in a carrier, taken on a car ride, and going to a strange place.


Does your kitty start clamoring for attention when you talk on the phone? Fluffy seems to get very frazzled by the fact that you’re talking into a small box, when you clearly should be playing with her!


Cats are known for being amazingly lithe and athletic. Fluffy can make some pretty impressive jumps! However, she doesn’t nail every landing as gracefully as she would like. Kitties have also rolled themselves off beds, desks, and chairs. Clearly these little furballs are a bit fuzzy on the laws of physics. (Then again, maybe they have their own rules. This would explain some of their sleeping positions!)

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