5 Things Cats Just Can’t Resist

Kitties are very lovable little pets. Fluffy is full of charming quirks. Our feline friends definitely have a way of keeping us smiling with their adorable antics. Of course, they also keep us scratching our heads with some of their more unusual quirks. Read on as a local Bee Cave, TX vet lists some things that Fluffy just can’t resist.


We’re fairly sure that kitties don’t actually run on solar power. However, they certainly do love to soak up some sun! Your furball may very well adjust her nap schedule so that she can rotate through her favorite sunbeams throughout the day.

Empty Boxes

No one can say for sure what is behind Fluffy’s obsession with cardboard boxes. The obvious explanation would be that cats feel safe and secure in small spaces. However, that doesn’t explain why our feline pals squish themselves into boxes that are clearly too small for them. Also, given that big cats like lions and tigers also love boxes, one wonders if safety is actually the point here. After all, there probably aren’t that many things that threaten the King of the Jungle!


Here’s a fun little experiment for you to try: use tape, sticks, or even bananas to make a small circle or square on the floor. Chances are, your furball will immediately sit in it, and will probably look very pleased with herself. (Note: we may be experts on cats, but Fluffy definitely has us stumped with this one. All we know is that this odd little kitty quirk is super cute!)

Sheet-Changing Time

Kitties are very helpful little pets. They often try to lend a helping paw when they can. Of course, Fluffy’s habits of scratching the couch and leaving fur on your clothes may not be as useful as she thinks, but that’s another topic. Your furball may very well hop onto the bed as you are changing the sheets, and try to ‘help’ with this simple household chore.

Open Suitcases

Have you ever tried to pack for a trip, only to find your feline buddy sound asleep in your suitcase? If you have both a cat and a suitcase, we’re guessing that the answer to this question is probably yes.

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