Pool Safety for Dogs

Do you plan to take your dog swimming this summer? Fido often loves swimming! Just be sure to put your furry pal’s safety first. Pools can be very dangerous for dogs! Here, a Westlake Hills, TX vet discusses pool safety for dogs.


Swimming isn’t right for every dog. Puppies, small dogs, and brachycephalic pooches may not be good candidates for water sports. Check with your vet before taking Fido to the pool.

Swim Lessons

While some dogs take to water very naturally, this isn’t always the case. If Fido needs swimming lessons, take time to teach him. Even the doggy paddle won’t necessarily come easily! Support your pooch while he’s learning, and talk to him gently. Never throw your pet into the pool. This is not only very dangerous, but could leave your furry buddy terrified of water.


Make sure Fido always has plenty of fresh water to drink. Don’t let him drink pool water!


Making sure your canine friend knows where the stairs are is very important. Even pups that are good swimmers can panic if they don’t know how to get out of the water! Don’t just show Fido once: take some time, and make sure he remembers. Then, test him a bit. Go to the side of the pool opposite the stairs, and call him out of the water. You may also want to mark the exit with a visible landmark, like a patio table or potted tree.


Doggy paw pads are very delicate, especially when they’re wet. Fido can get painful blisters by running around on hot or harsh surfaces. Keep your canine buddy on soft grass after he’s been swimming. Even pool decks can cause injuries!


After swim time is over, rinse Fido off to get the chlorine out of his fur. You may want to give him a good brushing once his coat is dry.

Pool Safety

Use the same pool safety precautions for pets as you would for children. Supervise your dog’s swimming sessions closely. Never leave your pet unattended near water. Pool covers are also a concern. Fido may mistake the cover for a solid surface, and try to step onto it. We recommend keeping pools gated when they aren’t in use.

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