How to Completely Spoil Your Kitten

Are you adopting a kitten? It won’t take little Fluffy long to melt your heart. Baby cats may be tiny, but they are very good at getting us to spoil them. In fact, your furry little diva may have you wrapped around those tiny paws of hers before you know it! Below, a Bee Cave, TX vet lists some ways to completely spoil your cat.

Kitty Luxuries

We are all for this type of pampering! Offer little Fluffy lots of toys and plenty of napping spots. Kitty furniture will also get that little motor going, as will simple cardboard boxes.

Let Her Pounce On You

Little Fluffy will be very interested in mastering all those claws and teeth. She may very well decide to practice on you. Nip this habit in the bud! Otherwise, your pet will grow up thinking of you as a giant cat toy. This may seem cute and innocent now, but it will be neither when your full-grown cat attacks you! Tell your frisky furball ‘No’ in a firm tone, then blow in her face or squirt her with water. Then, just ignore her for a while.

Encourage Her To Climb Everything

Cats’ claws are curved in a way that makes it easy for them to climb up things, like trees, people’s legs, and sofas. Little Fluffy will be able to scale things almost by instinct. Getting down again, however, is a bit trickier. Get your pet a cat tower, and encourage her to climb that, instead of your shower curtain.

Obey Her Every Whim

Do you offer your kitten a treat every time she meows? Does your pet know that as soon as she approaches her dinner bowl, you’ll rush to fill it? Feeding your tiny furball quality, premium food is very important. However, don’t let little Fluffy manipulate you into overfeeding her. This is one reason so many cats are obese! Follow your vet’s advice.

Give In

If Fluffy jumps onto the countertop, don’t cuddle her as a reward. Clap your hands, squirt her with water, or bang two pots together. These things won’t hurt your pet, but they will annoy her and startle her. This is a great way to teach your feline pal good petiquette.

Please contact us, your Bee Cave, TX pet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!

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