Kids And Pets Day

Did you know that April 26th is Kids And Pets Day? Kids and pets can be a wonderful match. They can make adorable playmates, and can even be best buds! Our animal friends also provide children with unconditional friendship, endless snuggles, and laughter. They can also be quite protective and fond of their tiny humans. They also teach youngsters about empathy, and offer a great source of comfort on bad days. In this article, a local Bee Cave, TX vet lists some great ways to celebrate Kids And Pets Day.

Take Photos

There are few things cuter than photos of children with their furry best buds. Take a few pictures of your young ones with their animal companions. For more professional-looking photos, dress your child in something that contrasts your pet’s fur, and take the photos against a background that stands out against both of them. You can also just snap some cute candid shots of your child playing with, petting, or napping beside Fido and Fluffy.

Make DIY Pet Things

This can be a great project for kids! Have your little one make a box castle for Fluffy out of cardboard boxes. To make a rope toy for Fido, cut a plain tee shirt into strips. Braid these strips together, and then braid the braids together. You’ll find lots more great ideas for DIY pet toys and furniture online.

Bake Homemade Goodies

If there’s one thing all of our animal friends enjoy, it’s snacks. Look online for great recipes you can make for your four-legged buddy, and have your child lend a helping hand in the kitchen. Just be sure to only use safe, suitable ingredients. (Tip: Mix canned tuna with plain yogurt and parsley, divide into small portions, and then bake at 180 for 20 minutes or until hard. These are great for both dogs and cats!)


Kids and pets can make great playmates for one another. They can also keep one another occupied for quite a while, which is of course beneficial for you. Supervise a fun play session!

Movie Time

At the end of the day, settle in with your child and your pet for cuddles, treats, and a cute, animal-themed movie. There are too many great choices to list!

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