If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Did you know that there’s a cute pet holiday coming up? March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! What do you think your furry pal would do with opposable thumbs? A local Bee Cave, TX vet has a few guesses in this article.

Open All The Food

Jars and cans would be fair game for our four-legged pals. Fido and Fluffy would both likely open every can in the house, and then get into the fridge and feast on any meats or cheeses you had on hand. You’d probably come home to find your furry buddies full and asleep, and your kitchen pretty much wrecked.

Let Themselves In And Out

It’s probably safe to say that our furry friends would waste no time in letting themselves out of the house. Of course, Fluffy may decide to come right back in, only to immediately go out again, while Fido may just head off for some doggy adventures!

Use Back Scratchers

Do you have a back scratcher? This may be one of the first things your furry pal goes for. Fido, especially, would love to be able to reach that itchy spot more easily! Fluffy, on the other hand, may just use the back scratcher to smack Fido in the nose.

Use A Nail File

This one may not interest Man’s Best Friend, but we are pretty sure that your feline pal would be thrilled to be able to use a nail file. Kitties do have a very strong instinctive urge to keep their nails in good shape. Then again, Fluffy may decide she still prefers the sofa. You just never know with cats!

Grab The Car Keys

Your car keys may make a very tempting target for your pet. Fido would probably attempt to drive himself to a dog park, while Fluffy would probably just throw the keys away, or possibly just hide them somewhere.


Cats and dogs are both very curious and inquisitive. Fido and Fluffy may very well open every drawer, cabinet, and closet, and dump the contents out onto the floor.

Clear Counters

Does your cat have a habit of smacking small objects off counters and coffee tables? If your frisky feline had opposable thumbs, she’d clear every surface in the house!

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