Holiday Hazards for Kitties

Happy Holidays! As you prepare for season festivities, keep your feline pal’s health and safety in mind. Fluffy’s knack for getting herself into mischief can lead her into quite a bit of trouble at this time of year! In this article, a Bee Cave, TX veterinarian lists some holiday hazards for cats.


Food is one of the main concerns for pet owners to be aware of. Never give Fluffy anything that contains chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, nuts, or xylitol. Garlic, onions, scallions, and chives are also dangerous, as are grapes, currents, and raisins, meat on the bone, dairy products, and raw foods. If you want to offer your cute pet a special snack, give her some canned tuna or cooked, plain meat, fish, or poultry with the skin, bones, and fat removed. Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice.


Candles can add a cozy finishing touch to your seasonal décor. However, kitties and flames are a very dangerous mix. Fluffy could easily singe her fur, or even stick her tail in the flame. Keep candles in high, secure spots, such as wall sconces, that your furry pal can’t reach.


Poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, and ivy are all popular seasonal decorations. Unfortunately, these pretty plants are all toxic to pets. If you get real plants, keep them in a spot your kitty can’t reach.


Fluffy’s playful streak is one of her cutest traits. However, cats don’t really know what is and is not safe for them to play with. Ribbon, tinsel, lights, and garlands can all choke or entangle frisky felines. Ornament hooks, tree needles (real or fake), and small items are also hazardous. Do some basic pet-proofing, and remove or secure anything small, sharp, or fragile, as well as items with strings, ropes, or cords. Ask your vet for more information.


Some cats are quite shy, and can get very stressed out by visitors! There’s also a chance that Fluffy could slip out an open door, or get underfoot and get stepped on. If your feline buddy seems uneasy when you have company, put her in a quiet room with food, toys, and a litterbox, and let her catch up on her beauty rest.

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us, your Bee Cave, TX pet hospital, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary care!

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