5 Common Reasons for Digging in Dogs

Is your canine pal digging holes in your yard? Has Fido developed a taste for landscaping? Dogs have many wonderful and adorable features, but their gardening tactics aren’t always very popular with their human friends. This is a habit that can be addressed, but before you can curb your pet’s mining project, you’ll need to figure out why he’s digging. A local Bee Cave, TX vet lists some possibilities below.


Our canine companions are very intelligent, and will quickly grow bored and restless with nothing to do. Make sure your four-legged buddy has plenty of fun toys, and take a few minutes every day to play with him. It’s also important to make sure your furry pal is getting enough activity. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Dogs are very adventurous by nature. Fido may very well be trying to dig himself a way out. As for why your pet would try to escape, well, there could be many reasons. If your pup isn’t fixed yet, he may be trying to get out so he can go looking for love. (Note: we recommend that all dogs be spayed or neutered.) Your pooch may also simply want a bit of adventure or a change of scenery. Make sure your canine friend gets at least one good walk a day.


Is your furry buddy digging in straight lines? If so, Fido may be trying to reach a small animal that is burrowing under your yard. (Note: this is particularly common in terriers and other hunting dogs.) Use humane, non-toxic pest control methods to get rid of rodents and other vermin.


Before Fido became our pet and companion, he spent centuries fending for himself in the wild. Dogs learned long ago to bury their food, so they could save it for later. This habit is still strong in many of our four-legged friends. If your furry little pirate is storing or retrieving hidden toys or treats, build him a sandbox and bury some goodies in it.


Dogs sometimes dig to get relief from heat, cold, or parasites. Make sure Fido has shade, shelter, and fresh water outdoors. It’s also important to keep up with your pet’s parasite control products.

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