8 Tips for Defeating Pet Smells

Pets are truly special gifts. Our animal companions provide us with unconditional love and loyalty, and stay by our sides through good times and bad. However, while Fluffy and Fido have many wonderful qualities, they can be, well, a bit stinky at times. Here, a WestLake TX vet offers some helpful tips on beating pet odor.


Keeping air flowing will go a long way towards keeping your home smelling fresh. When possible, keep windows open. When it’s too hot—or too cool—for that, use an air purifier and/or fans. Remember to change filters out regularly.

Air Fresheners

When choosing air fresheners, opt for products that break down scent molecules, instead of just covering them up. Consider putting a timed-release spray near Fluffy’s litterbox. Oil burners and scented candles also work. Just be sure to keep these in secure places, well out of paws’ reach.

Keep Litterboxes Clean

Speaking of litterboxes, the best way to prevent them from getting stinky is also the simplest: keep them clean. Scoop Fluffy’s powder room out daily, and change the litter every week.


If your chances of keeping Fluffy and Fido off your furniture are slim to none, use slipcovers to protect your upholstery. Wash furniture covers, and your pet’s bedding, every week or two. Use an unscented detergent and, when possible, opt for the hot cycles on your washer and dryer.


Vacuuming regularly can make a huge difference in how your home smells. Do high-traffic areas and your pet’s favorite spots daily, and follow up with more thorough cleanings once a week. If your home has a lot of carpet, you may want to invest in a rug shampooer.


Plants not only keep your home looking great, they also filter the air, which will help reduce pet odors. For a list of pet-safe plants, check the ASPCA website here.

Stain Busters

Even the best-trained pet can have accidents now and then. Keep an enzyme-based stain remover on hand. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to defeat stains on your carpet.


Get a steam mop with a washable cover. These make cleaning floors quick and easy. You’ll also be able to just pop the cover into the wash when you’re done.

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