6 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Happy

Do you have a kitty? Chances are, it didn’t take Fluffy long to melt your heart with her cute face, affectionate snuggles, and adorable quirks. While cats are very easy to care for, Fluffy needs more than a clean litterbox and a full dinner bowl to be truly content. Read on as a Bee Cave, TX vet offers tips on keeping your pet happy and purring.

Peace and Quiet

Most cats don’t care much for commotion or loud noises. Make sure your kitty has a safe, quiet place to retreat to when she wants. Comfy beds are another must. Offer Fluffy plenty of cozy napping spots.

Vertical Space

If you think about it, cats don’t really have a very good view of things from ground level. Fluffy loves to climb to high places, so she can see what’s going on. Offer your furry friend a cat tower, or look for wall-mounted furniture. If you want to save money, look online for great DIY options.

Purr Activation

Cats may have a reputation for being aloof, but these little furballs are actually quite affectionate. Your furball will be much happier if she feels loved! Spend time with Fluffy every day. Pet her, play with her, and talk to her.


Make sure your kitty has plenty of fun toys to play with. Fluffy will also appreciate a good window view, so she can look outside and spy on birds and squirrels. To make this even more fun for your cat, put a birdfeeder up in her line of sight.

Nail Care Station

Cats have a strong natural instinct to take care of their nails, and with good reason: in the wild, those sharp little claws are crucial to kitties’ survival. Offer Fluffy a suitable manicure station, such as a cat tower or scratching board.

Keep Kitty Indoors

While your adventurous pet may enjoy spending time in the Great Outdoors, she’ll be much safer staying inside, where she is protected from the dangers posed by cars, predators, weather, and other hazards. Keep Fluffy safe and sound indoors! To give your feline pal a little taste of nature, get pet safe plants and create a little kitty garden. Check the ASPCA site for suitable options.

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