I have had a long history with Crystal Mountain. The whole staff has taken very good care of all of my pets. Everyone provides excellent care and helpful advice.
Mj Wilson
Excellent car for many years.
Kind, caring and I was able to bring my rescue in same day. Also free exam for my dog.
holistic options and friendly caring staff
Excellent care, great staff, no overuse of vaccines
Janet S
Hello wonderful people at Crystal Mountain Vet, I wanted to send a message to Dr. Vandermause to let him know that my dog Chai has recovered from the bumps and her hair has grown back. Thank you for always knowing what to give her to for her skin issues. You guys are the BEST!!!! Thanks again
Lynne D
The complete love and compassion they all give to everyone coming through the door. Everything is fully explained, contact is made if there are questions about treatment, and every time, you receive a follow up call.
Caring staff
Provides genuine excellent care for my two cats.
I always feel like my “pet family” are getting the very best care possible! I love being able to get holistic care- I can feed raw food without getting any attitude – reduced vaccinations, etc., etc. – that is why I drive from Elgin!
Lynn Johnson
Personal care and interest in the overall health and well being of Harvey.
Dr. Vandermause and his staff are caring and friendly. Their love for animals is very obvious.
Dr. Vandermause is competent and truly cares about the animals well being.
Such wonderful people , expertise and service at Crystal Mountain Animal hospital !
Terri Mccallister
Dr. Vandermause is the best, most caring and friendly vet in town! Everybody seems to care for the well being of our animals. We love y’all!
Heather Keating
Dr. Vandermause, Ronnie, Sheri and Trish and staff, Appreciative for their healing care throughout the years.
Aurora Zamora
Here’s what I really like about your practice: The waiting area is not jammed with pets
Roxanna Smock
The staff at Crystal Mountain are truly exceptional. They are kind and loving and treat my furry babies like family. Dr. Vandermause brings 30 plus years of experience and knowledge to treating my animals and does so with such ease and perfection. He is brilliant! In addition, he is open to alternative medicine as well and will give you options to treat your pet holistically if you so choose. He brings his vast knowledge and experience and incorporates the newest technology and alternative medicine all in one. A complete package.
Samantha Prate

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