• Remember growing up with your family doctor? Back when medical care was about more than just churning out diagnoses, but about creating life-long, trusting relationships. At Crystal Mountain Animal Hospital, we want to become your pet’s family doctor. We believe that getting to know you and your companion on a personal basis is the most important part of the care we deliver. Our Bee Cave / WestLake vet services combine old-fashioned values with modern, innovative treatment options, including both holistic and conventional medicine. As a result, your pet will receive the most balanced, optimal care available. We invite you to become a part of the Crystal Mountain family. Call or stop by today!

    Doggy Dental Care

    Did you know that as many as 80 percent of adult dogs have some form of periodontal disease? This is a very serious issue, because the infection can spread from … Read More »


    The Benefits of Playing With Your Cat

    Do you play with your cat regularly? If so, that’s wonderful! Chasing after a fuzzy catnip mouse is definitely one of Fluffy’s favorite activities. As it turns out, playing isn’t … Read More »


    Acupuncture in Pets

    Did you know that pets can benefit from acupuncture? This ancient practice is rapidly gaining popularity in the world of veterinary medicine, and with good reason: it’s safe, simple, and … Read More »

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